New Acquisitions - Billing Aquadrome and Cogenhoe Mill

  • 29 September 2021

RoyaleGroup, the parent company of RoyaleResorts, are pleased to announce the completion and purchase of Billing Aquadrome and Cogenhoe Mill in Northamptonshire. Since our interest in these assets began we have been on a planning journey with them and together we are pleased to say that, because of its capacity, Billing Aquadrome is now the largest holiday park in the U.K. 

RoyaleGroup have fantastic plans for Billing Aquadrome and Cogenhoe Mill with an investment programme of £30 million to upgrade the sites. Billing Aquadrome will now fly the RoyaleResorts flag and we are excited to share that the RoyaleGroup is continuing to grow with 27 purchases to be completed this year across RoyaleLife and RoyaleResorts. 

Bob Bull, RoyaleGroup’s CEO, said: “I would like to personally thank everyone that has been involved in this journey for their hard work and dedication to achieving our visions and goals. Things are looking very positive for 2021 and beyond.”

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